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Organic Rank
Written by jimbonz


Your position on the search engines is determined for the most part by two factors, either you have deep enough pockets to buy your way up or you "grow" your way to the top organically.

Organic listings and map listings are really the most beneficial listings you can have.  Search engines use complex algorithms which determine page your  site appears on.

Only page one will do you any good.  The first  site listed organically is most likely to get clicked.



The PageRank values are the entries of the dominant eigenvector of the modified adjacency matrix.

None of this really matters, what does matter is getting your site on page one for the search query that will bring you paying customers ,  thats what we do.


\mathbf{R} =  \begin{bmatrix}  PR(p_1) \\  PR(p_2) \\  \vdots \\  PR(p_N)  \end{bmatrix}

where R is the solution of the equation


\mathbf{R} =    \begin{bmatrix}  {(1-d)/ N} \\  {(1-d) / N} \\  \vdots \\  {(1-d) / N}  \end{bmatrix}    + d    \begin{bmatrix}  \ell(p_1,p_1) & \ell(p_1,p_2) & \cdots & \ell(p_1,p_N) \\  \ell(p_2,p_1) & \ddots &  & \vdots \\  \vdots & & \ell(p_i,p_j) & \\  \ell(p_N,p_1) & \cdots & & \ell(p_N,p_N)  \end{bmatrix}    \mathbf{R}

where the adjacency function \ell(p_i,p_j) is 0 if page pj does not link to pi, and normalized such that, for each j

\sum_{i = 1}^N \ell(p_i,p_j) = 1,




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